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How to choose a company to move?

How to choose a company to move?

Moving can be a draining process all on its own, especially when deciding which company will be the best to trust with your belongings. How exactly do you choose the best company to move with before you set foot towards your new adventure or remove some things out of your home?

Always research the company before doing any business with them. This allows you to learn more about their beginning, possibly the owners, their social media presence, as well as their <a href=”” target=”_blank”>digital footprint</a> showing how they pick up more business. If you like what you see here, make sure to go onto the next step: make sure to go onto the next step:

Making the decision on who to invest your hard-earned money with always goes back to what other people say. When the company has a large amount of positive reviews it can make us feel more comfortable in who we’re putting our time and money into but when it’s a variety of mixed reviews, we may get concerned about doing business with that certain company. Reviews are a great way to see how their company runs and the sort of impact they’re leaving behind with their customers.

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Hopefully, these tips give you a better idea on how to find the right moving company for you. We hope you remember to do your due diligence and ask all of the questions you may be wondering about before using any services from a moving company. It may be a small part of your journey but it makes all the difference. What should you ask a moving company before paying for their services?

6-10 questions covering important details that buyers may not be think of asking

Different forms of contact

Explaining why this is important for buyers How does a moving company transport your ___?

A variety of items that can be mentioned in different blog posts

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Affordable and Fast Air Freight

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At Foxyvan, we significantly take pride in our vast experience when it comes to air freight. What makes our services unique from all other air carriers is our ability to provide deep and professional knowledge of trade markets at the individual level. We are a team that is well familiar with the dynamic of trades all over the UK and give you some of the best advice on all factors affecting the transit from cargo. And therefore working with us is plugging yourself into a network of experts.
It is good to know that both experienced and learner can experience an incredible number of challenges when shipping. A professional freight shipping service can significantly help you to avoid such problems and create customized solutions.
With all our team's expertise and incredible capability, we come with an unparalleled level of commitment to our esteemed customer services. We are a dedicated team that is willing to work with you in a trustworthy manner and ensure that we engage with you in a long-term partnership. We provide individualized services to an individual to ensure that what we provide is what best suits you. And by staying focused on what we believe in, we continually offer a genuinely tailor-made range of services considering whatever you want to ship and where you want to send it.
  We considerably understand how important it is that they will arrive at their destination safely after you have forwarded your goods. At Foxyvan, we ensure that your freight is properly packaged to avoid any form of damage or breakage. We have provided that the goods we forward are accepted by the carriers attracting higher charges.
Tracking your load is one thing you would like to do once you have released your goods for air freight. Our up-to-date technological equipment and qualified personnel have made it possible to track your package to your destination at our company. We ensure that your goods are not in any way overcharged; hence once your goods arrive at our warehouse, we will weigh the goods, and you will be billed according to the proper chargeable weights. If you lack some of the packaging materials, they are all available at your request.
We have gone the extra mile to ensure that we make all the freight processes clear to you. What is more, we have assured you that immediately you complete your procedure at our warehouse, we do fast deliveries. We have specialized even in handling time-sensitive items with great successes.
Finally, we take great value when it comes to handling your item. With our air shipping services, you can now air freight your goods

Experience Excellence When Moving Your House

Nothing stressful as moving from one house to another, and we at Foxyvan understand that. But again, when relocating, nothing could be more important than choosing the right movers to move with you. More importantly, getting movers that you can trust with your belongings. You need someone who will handle your possession just like you could. But most of all, you need someone who will relieve you of the hassle and the tussle when moving to your new place so you can get on with your new life. 
At Foxyvan, we are a personable, professional, and approachable team, which has kept us in the market for over two decades now. To make your experience with moving easy and seamless, we have been trusted by many movers who have relentlessly given their testimonies. We are a team that knows how to pack and move your goods so that you don’t have to start your new life in a new place with dents and scratches. 
We have an adequate skill that helps us pack your possession while guaranteeing that none of your property will be damaged or broken. As a company that cares much about your properties, we have taken extra precautions to ensure everything remains as it was. We load or unload your belongings by using materials such as carpet shields and banister covering. We offer free quotes anytime you want to reach us. 
For over two decades now, we have garnered incredible ability to move over long distances at an affordable price while suiting all your moving needs across UK and Europe. We have no hidden fee when it comes to paying and be sure that we are less than renting a van; hence we ensure that moving does not get between you and your pocket. We have a fully trained team that can dismantle and reassemble desks, shelves, and cabinets. With our unmatched abilities in moving, we are a group that is concerned with moving and helps make your move easy and seamless as possible. Every member of our team is committed to upholding our reputation and professionalism. 
At Foxyvan, we are a team that ensures that logistic challenges are not part of your thoughts, rather ours to sort out. Many clients have trusted us because we provide that cargo will get there on time, safely, and on budget. So, we assure you that we know what we are doing when it comes to moving. 
In conclusion, as Foxyvan, we are here to help you achieve your goal of moving out. If you are looking for creative movers who are flexible and can meet all your moving needs at an affordable cost in both UK and Europe, we are the company to contact. We don’t just move you to your new place and go a mile to ensure your move is simple.

 Moving Furniture is Not as Easy as it Looks.

When it comes to moving furniture, it is pretty stressful. And this is for the fact that there is a lot of disassembling furniture’s before they arrive, preparing the furniture’s for moving and the heavy lifting. We are a company that ensures that we take all required to move them at an affordable price. We have the time to disassemble all the furniture, measure the doorways and hallways, and we have the strength for the heavy lifting of your property.
We are well prepared with the right tool that is needed to disassemble the legs and your tabletops. We have equipment for fragile furniture that includes furniture blankets and packing tapes to protect your delicate furniture. We also have padding, door jams, including other tools to ensure that your furnishings are properly is still in the same condition as it was during the packing. Some of this equipment’s are also important when moving items that are hard to disassemble. Some of them include the sofa that you may need to remove the door before moving them.
As the best movers in the UK, we will take care of loading the trucks to ensure all your furniture arrives in one piece. It would be best if you relieved yourself of the stress of lifting heavy furniture, including the piano furniture, which requires a little bit more care. 
At Foxyvan, we are a company that understands that when moving office equipment, it should be first and without any disturbance. With our dedicated team, we ensure that we do all that in a few minutes and with great convenience.   
When moving furniture that you have disassembled, there is a risk that you may lose some parts like the nuts. It could be a hell of a day if you realized that you lost some crucial pins and nuts. Free yourself some of this stress, and let us handle it for you.
Finally, moving furniture is not as easy as it looks. If not handled carefully, it may cause injuries, especially when moving large sofas, beds or cabinets. Again doing it alone may take such a long time and maybe tedious. If you think of relocating, give us a call today because if it matters to you, it also matters to us in Foxyvan.  

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 What to Know About Sea Freights

If you do not have a rigid time frame within which your goods are to be received or sent, sea freight is a good option for you, especially if the cost of delivery is your most concern, since sea freight is cheaper. Sea shipping might be a better option while transporting items like vehicles. One of the advantages of this is that they are inside a container hence well protected.
As a general rule, any shipment weighing more than 100kg or cargo consisting of multiple cartons should be sent by sea. When it comes to shipping, every business person in the UK wants to grow his business to the whole country level, and it becomes a want to have a shipping company that will support you. Apart from that, we want simplified end-to-end logistics in the process. At Foxyvan, we offer all the necessary steps in shipping your cargo from door to door.
When your cargo gets to our warehouse, our team gets your load on the vessel that best suits your needs. Around the UK, multiple documents are required when shipping. We relieve you of the burden by handling some of the tedious processes for you. We facilitate your freight, assuring you a seamless and secure customs clearance process. With our expert team, we are able and committed to offering you proper guidelines about the process.
At times, we offer you transparent pricing options and different form of packaging that suits your need. We offer affordable prices to shipment while still maintaining the high protection of your cargo. With the possibility of keeping your load protected, you get peace of mind because you have less worry about shipping with us.
Foxyvan sea freight offers several transportation services from domestic retail to deliveries. While we are using the best consolidation services, you can rely on us to provide timely and efficient services. With our use of an integrated trace system, you can follow up on the delivery of your order. With our vast knowledge and expertise of over two decades, we can be able to handle all your transportation needs.
Upon the pickup station, you will receive a document that will help you retrieve your documents. With our worldwide connections, our agents can help you with the clearance and delivery of your cargo.
In conclusion, when you are looking for a trustworthy company and can deliver your cargo on time, we are well suited for you. For more of our services, you can always reach us via our website

When it Comes to Packing, We Are the Best.

Packing materials with proper materials is essential in preventing damage to your property during any transportation, whether to your new home or moving products to another place. Different items require different packing for maximum protection. It’s a good idea to know these packing staples and when you should use them. Why take all these processes while Foxyvan cares about your items and is willing to help you with that.
We are professional movers who are keen to ensure that you move your things with ease and instill peace of mind by helping you with the packing. In cases of containers, they are loaded and unloaded from pallets case by chance.
Sometimes moving can be a very stressful process, especially when you are unsure what to pack and what not to pack. When moving out, you need to get rid of some items you possessed in your room in cases like students. We provide the best clearance process in the UK. As you move, let us handle your house clearance process so that we can ease your burden.
With our experts, we can choose the best packaging level that may be good for you. When moving maybe from your old home, be sure that we will handle everything for you and complete the packing services of your entire home. When we are at your destination, we also do unpacking services at your new home.
There is some packing that may require specialized packing services, which includes moving your kitchen. There is a need for extra care for your dishes and glasses, and you need us to do that for you. We ensure that your breakables will not break in our hands as we move you.
We provide single item packing services for you. There are some items in the house that you are not sure how they are going to move. This add-on packaging service will handle such things and ensure that they arrive safely.
 There is no other company in the UK that does packing better than us because we know what we are doing when moving you. Give us a call today and let us know the moving you want us to do, or you can learn more about us on our website


Moving is an essential service, Foxyvan continues to serve our clients with all their moving needs!

With Coronavirus COVID-19 cases on the rise throughout UK Foxyvan wants to reassure our clients that we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to keep our clients and the our contractors safe. 

If there are any changes to your move or to policy that impedes us from operating we will contact you by phone, email, and text! We will make every effort to contact you if your move needs to be cancelled or postponed.

-We are following best government guidelines around hand hygiene. We encourage our contractors to wash with soap and water frequently,
-Our contractors wear gloves and masks when reporting to work, and with every move.

-All cash is handled with gloves.

-We encourage social distancing between clients and delivers. We ask that clients respect social distancing when drivers arrive. Also, we do not let more than 2 driver in the office at a time, and encourage most office contact to take place outside.

If a client needs to postpone or cancel a move due to COVID-19

-You are free to postpone and reschedule your move at anytime! We will be as flexible as possible to support you through this time!

Since moving is an essential service, there is a demand for workers. Please contact our office to set up an interview over the phone. We will continue to build a strong team that can support its community through this difficult time!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns,