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New to removal work?

Join us today for access to flexible & straightforward removal work to suit your lifestyle as little or often as you want, and when you want.

Already a removal driver?

oin us to gain quick access to additional loads & potential return journeys anywhere In UK.

Why should you become a Driver with FOXYVAN?

Work found on our platform Is generated interally, you'll have instant access to work booked by our own established client base.

Job Alerts
Receive alerts via SMS, email for available work booked within a `0 milews to mile radius of your location, directly apply and potentially cover.
No Bidding
No competition between other couriers, members will receive a guaranteed minimum rate of 60% based on the value of the booking.
How are jobs allocated?
You'll be provided with a link to register for the job via sms or email & you just need to register your ETA from your location to the collection location provided In minutes.
  • Accepted file types: docx, pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very quickly, all invoices are paid in 2 weeks. We pride ourselves in our unique fast payment promise.

How long Is the registration process?
Yes you need to have a van However a Luton van will increase your earning potential, especially for return journeys. Our advice is to start with the van you already have, make some money from doing a few deliveries and then start looking at upgrading to a Luton van once you have seen the potential for yourself.
As a national Removal company, FOXYVAN has Removal and Delivery work of it’s own. When you join you can register to receive sub-contract work directly from us, simply send us your insurance documents and a photo of your vehicle. We will end you instant email / SMS alerts.
Again, there is plenty of work for van. However, if you want to maximise your opportunities, especially for return jobs, we recommend a ‘Luton Van’. The reason is to carries 2 pallets, therefore you can also compete successfully for ‘Luton Van’ work as well.
You get paid a percentage of the price the customer pays, so it depends how far your drive and how many return loads you can secure (this is where we will help increase your profits).We’re not going to make any claims about making millions and working very little. Trust us. And the money you will make is good money – whether you want to just stay small is up to you, but you can also grow your business and employ several couriers if you wish.
Simple, once you have completed your delivery, park up and get a coffee/lunch for a while and keep an eye on our instant work alerts or search the board for relevant economy jobs. We will also register your availability within our trade network – effectively making your return journey available to other courier companies.

We do not have statistics of drivers per postcode – however this is spread out over the UK and many of our removals are not always available at the exact time a job is booked – thus we need more couriers to deliver the service we promise to our customers.

Over a quarter of our work is currently subcontracted out to independent couriers – because we do not have enough of our own removal network members.

What documents are required?

Photo Licence
You will need to provide photo ID e.g. driver's licence or passport.
You will need your own van to cover our work. Use your existing van up to Luton van.
Goods In Transit
you must have your own goods in transit insurance up to £10,000 cover to qualify (Optional) for the additional loads.


Moving is an essential service, Foxyvan continues to serve our clients with all their moving needs!

With Coronavirus COVID-19 cases on the rise throughout UK Foxyvan wants to reassure our clients that we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to keep our clients and the our contractors safe. 

If there are any changes to your move or to policy that impedes us from operating we will contact you by phone, email, and text! We will make every effort to contact you if your move needs to be cancelled or postponed.

-We are following best government guidelines around hand hygiene. We encourage our contractors to wash with soap and water frequently,
-Our contractors wear gloves and masks when reporting to work, and with every move.

-All cash is handled with gloves.

-We encourage social distancing between clients and delivers. We ask that clients respect social distancing when drivers arrive. Also, we do not let more than 2 driver in the office at a time, and encourage most office contact to take place outside.

If a client needs to postpone or cancel a move due to COVID-19

-You are free to postpone and reschedule your move at anytime! We will be as flexible as possible to support you through this time!

Since moving is an essential service, there is a demand for workers. Please contact our office to set up an interview over the phone. We will continue to build a strong team that can support its community through this difficult time!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns,